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27 October 2008 @ 10:53 am
I never expected I'd totally love High School Musical 3. I mean, it was so dipped in Disney sugar but it still blew me away. Compared to the previous crap-tastic High School Musicals, it was 10 notches better. It had a big potential to be on par with musicals such as Grease and Fame. Or maybe that's just me talkin crazy but for someone who's not exactly a fan of Disney movies (and Disney kids at that) I really enjoyed the movie. SO can I just say? WATCH IT. I was never taken away by Zefron but in the movie I swear he creamed all the panties in the moviehouse. Coz it was that awesome and impressive. Adults wouldnt probably appreciate it as much as retarded youth do, but the songd are super catchy. My mom actually liked it too. Bizaare-oh. I still cant stand Hudgens though. Her "arent I cute" smile and her chipmunk voice irks me too much. And I wish she'd cut her hair. However one of my fave scenes was the waltz between her and Zac on the rooftop. I almost cried, even though it shames me to say. I was so upset because I was so looking forward to hating the movie. Everyone on the movie got so emotional too. What with the final curtain call where the 6 main stars take their final bow with teary eyes in graduation togas. Its the end of an era. And it was a great finale. And so here ends my HSM 3 review.
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